Georgia Bone & Joint is a multiple-location orthopedic practice group serving several locations in the Southern United States.

With an in-house marketing committee and an external marketing advisor running the company’s SEO campaign, the client was left behind while the competition started moving. Additionally, the client’s only means of advertising before was through paid banner advertising with the local newspaper.

Recognizing the need to bolster its online marketing efforts, the client partnered with Thrive Internet Marketing Agency to increase lead generation through organic search and pay-per-click advertising. 

The initial goals were to increase the client’s organic search results, boost its conversion rate from 30 to 75 patients per month and improve its Google reviews from a 3.2 average star rating.

After 12 months into the SEO and PPC strategy, Thrive has helped Georgia Bone & Joint achieve a historical 20% conversion rate since the campaign’s inception.