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What’s Your Business’s Identity? Content Strategy 101

Every business has a unique identity, and that identity can work for you by attracting a solid group of like-minded customers. If your identity isn't clear, you miss out on those benefits, plus you ...

Identify Your Ideal Customer In 5 Simple Steps

Ideal Customer

Not everyone needs your product or service. Not everyone will be interested in what you’re selling.Directing your marketing efforts toward these people, then, will be a waste of time. You will see ...

How To Leverage The Power Of Customer Testimonials And Reviews

customer testimonials

Ah, those much-lauded, coveted customer testimonials and product reviews.They’re the modern age’s version of word-of-mouth. They’re the “neighborly” endorsements that people tend to trust over ...

Bing Business Bot: 2017’s New Virtual Employee


Artificial Intelligence is the umbrella term describing the use of computer science to mimic human intelligence. AI is nothing new, we’ve seen it in films for years and now we interact with it every ...